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    Mission: Huntsville's Best DJ, Lighting, and Audio Pro

    Challenge: Rebrand, Increase Revenue, Reduce Overhead, Enter New Markets, Change Brand Perception.

    Result: Acquired by Metropolitan Disc Jockey Service in 2016

    Huntsville, Alabama, USA


    We challenged the Thrive team to do something scary. Change. After a successful rebrand and business management overhaul, Thrive experienced a 200% increase in revenue. Nice. In 2016, Thrive Entertainment complete a merger with Metropolitan Disc Jockey Service to join forces. With the top two entertainment teams in the Southeast United States now as one, there is no limit to what this team can accomplish as they continue to be Huntsville's best for entertainment services.


    Roles: Set Photographer and Producer

    Challenge: Show the true quality and professionalism of the Wonder Mill Films team during production and later take responsibly or producing a short film, Rocket City Shakedown.

    Huntsville, Alabama, USA


    Ben Stark and the Wonder Mill Films team initially approached us to photograph the making of their films starting 2012 with Frankenstein's Master and Dead Saturday. In 2016 that partnership grew to Producing the latest short film from Wonder Mill, Rocket City Shakedown.


    Responsibilities: Team Management and Marketing

    Challenge: Connect Huntsville's professionals in a hyper-local directory with in-person reach through events and organizational support. 

    Huntsville, Alabama, USA


    In early 2015, Andrew and Chris Beaman formed the idea for Open Huntsville after hiking in the hills, coffee shop chats, and endless messages. As summer approached they invited S. Kyle Newman, Joe MacKenzie, and Tarra Anzalone to build the website, in-person community, and online directory. Today Open Huntsville organizes events such as CoWorking Night and continues to empower Huntsville's professionals to find others online in an easy-to-use, hyper-local directory. #betterTogether #openHSV


    Roles: Producer and Director

    Challenge: Help founders of businesses based in Huntsville, Alabama tell their story to encourage and inspire would-be-founders to start their own organizations. 

    Huntsville, Alabama, USA


    In 2015, Andrew joined the Huntsville Founders team to Produce and Direct the video series starting at the first episode. After filming and releasing each volume, the team increased the production quality of each volume. The videos are released on YouTube and shared on Facebook.



    The best team challenges the status quo.


    Andrew likes helping creative and technical teams collaborate. He studied Engineering, Photography, and Marketing at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Andrew enjoys solving problems, traveling, making photos, creating films, and kayaking with friends.


    He is a Co-Founder of Open Huntsville,

    Producer and Director of Huntsville Founders,

    and a facilitator of Coworking Night.


    Andrew's hybrid approach to problem solving through technical and creative thought processes separates him from everyone else.


    Check out his photos on Flickr

    Strategic Partner: Engineering and Management

    Tyler Sherrod is a mechanical engineer with unique experience across multiple engineering practices. His goal in life is to give the world one less problem to worry about. This desire to help people solve their problems through innovative methods has sparked a great relationship with both Andrew and Refracting Ideas.


    Making human centric designs with Solidworks since 2009.


    Connect with Tyler on LinkedIn

    Strategic Partner: Strategy and Management

    MacKenzie and Co., LLC has been a strategic partner of Refracting Ideas since 2011. Through creative and business projects, both companies have found the rarest form of partnership: blind trust. Projects have spanned finance, strategic direction, business management, creative direction, crisis management, and more. MacKenzie and Co. specializes in audience engagement especially in physical spaces.


    Together the possibilities are endless.


    Follow MacKenzie and Co. on Twitter

    Strategic Partner: Social Media

    Elizabeth Hagale is a rising star in the film industry with accolades and awards coming every year. During the day she keeps organizations on track and achieving better engagement through social media management. Andrew and Elizabeth have worked together on films and continue to collaborate on marketing projects.


    Collaborating on new social media management ideologies since 2015.


    Follow Hagale Media on Twitter

    Strategic Partner: Digital Media

    Since 2012, Andrew and Scott have dug into large and small creative projects together. Scott's expertise in User Experience (UX), 3D Modeling and Animation, as well as photography have triggered a unique partnership of automatic collaboration. Through commercial photography and corporate 3D projects, Scott has been a vital partner.


    Developing the best photographic concepts together since 2012.


    Check out Scott's 3D Modeling

    Strategic Partner: Production Design

    Elissa is the best in the industry when it comes to production design. Her blend of skills from interior decorating, graphic design, marketing, retail concept design, and filmmaking make her a critical partner on photographic projects which require set design and someone to manage the crew. Andrew has worked with Elissa since 2012 on films and photographic assignments. No photo or video set is ready until Elissa arrives.


    Designing the best photographic sets together since 2012.


    See Elissa's Style on Pinterest


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